Painting involves a broad range of supplies. Rickleff Painting knows that every item in the painters “toolbox” needs to be of superior quality in order to produce superior results.

The most obvious ingredient is paint, but that is only one of the many components of a superior job.

Rickleff Painting uses Porter and Benjamin Moore paints exclusively. Our 35 years of experience has shown that these brands have the superior color consistency and durability that result in years of enjoyment.

Primers, Sealers, and Caulk also play an extremely important role. Cutting corners in these areas, while not immediately obvious, has a large impact on the durability of the final product. Rickleff Painting uses only the finest Primers, Sealers and Caulk to ensure lasting pride in your property.

As important as paint are the tools used for application. Even the highest quality paint will produce inferior results if applied with brushes and rollers that are not properly maintained. Rickleff Painting uses only the highest quality tools which we maintain in top condition.