The key to a beautiful paint job is superior preparation. Rickleff Painting prides itself on superior preparation of all surfaces to be painted.

When painting outdoors, wood surfaces are scraped and sanded. We make repairs, rather than simply painting over problem areas. Without superior surface preparation, paint cannot withstand the wide range of weather conditions.

When painting indoor surfaces, preparation plays a key role in the beauty of the final result. Inconsistent surface preparation creates color variations. Fresh paint will make defects in the underlying wall more noticeable. Incorrectly repaired cracks will reappear. Rickleff Painting insures that all walls are perfectly smooth before opening the first can of paint.

Surface preparation is the most difficult part of painting. Shortcuts may get the job done faster and cheaper, but with an inferior final result. Rickleff Painting knows that hard work and attention to detail during this phase of the project is the key to client satisfaction.